Luxury Wedding Venue In Tricity: La Palacio Creating Unforgettable Moments.

One of the days that you never forget in your life is your wedding day. You prepare for this day for years and it needs to be perfect when it arrives.  Along with finding the perfect outfits for your special day, finding a special place is also crucial. This is the place where you’re making memories for a lifetime. La Palacio Banquet Hall as a luxury wedding venue in Tricity has hosted many beautiful weddings till now. La Palacio has multiple ways to provide you with one of a kind experience for your wedding.

Largest Luxury Wedding Venue in Tricity, Luxury Wedding Venue in Tricity

Where Happily Ever After begins?

La Palacio has witnessed many couples moving towards their happily ever afters. The grand affairs and the specialized unique ways to celebrate the grand occasion at La Palacio Banquet Hall have made it the one of a kind place that it is. The property is spread over 9 acres of land and constitutes of a grand hall and 2 ballrooms. The lawn area is also beautiful and suitable for multiple outdoor events.

There are also many designated areas for different functions at the property. La Palacio is considered one of the Largest luxury banquet venues in Tricity. Its lovely interiors give you enough reason to choose La Palacio as your wedding venue. La Palacio offers much more than any other Luxury Wedding Venue in Tricity. It has abundant space for loved ones and guests. With over 550+ slots for car parking your guests won’t have to worry about their vehicles and enjoy the functions thoroughly. The venue offers all the glitz and glam for your special day.

Personalized Themes

Your wedding has to be a day when you decide everything from your guestlist to decorations. We understand all of it can be difficult to execute. When it comes to decorations you just have to let us know and we will execute everything to perfection. With designated areas and personalized decor, your wedding can be however you like it to be. Whether it is a fairy tale theme that you want or you want to be treated like royalty we will do it all for you. If you are a fan of music then why not have musical pheras. Everything however you want it, everything for you.

Largest Luxury Wedding Venue in Chandigarh, Luxury Wedding Venue in Chandigarh
Luxury Wedding Venue in Tricity

La Palacio, Luxury Wedding Venue In Tricity.

La Palacio is a venue that will cater to all your needs. It has everything that you seek in the perfect wedding venue. From enough space to contain your guests to the perfect decorations in the spaces suiting your needs, we offer it all. After having hosted multiple weddings at our venue we assure you, you” not be disappointed. Our aim is to deliver at our best capacity and work towards making your day special. We have seen several magical love stories moving toward their next chapters at our venue. We simply just want to help you create happy memories that you’ll carry with you lifelong. Visitluxury wedding venue in Tricity today to visualize and finalize everything for your dream wedding.



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